Welcome to Calliope State School

We're glad that you have chosen our school for your family and look forward to working with you to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving.

Calliope State School is the oldest school in the district. With a growing enrolment in excess of 680 students, our teaching team believes that every student can succeed, within a culture of high expectation.

Our school motto, 'Present Achievement; Future Success' reflects our belief that achievement now, while at Calliope State School, will prepare our students for success in adulthood, be it in terms of academic, sporting, spiritual, cultural or personal development.

To enrol at Calliope State School, collect an enrolment package from the school office or download the documents below, before making an appointment with a member of the Administration Team for an enrolment interview. You will need to bring a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport, plus any immunisation records to the interview.

Proof of residency requirements:

Calliope State School is now enrolment managed which means parents or legal guardians who wish to enrol their child at the school are required to demonstrate that the student’s principal place of residence is within the catchment area. Current proof of residency at the address indicated can be provided as follows:   

  • One primary source – a current lease agreement, rates notice, or unconditional contract of sale, and
  • One secondary source – a utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas) showing this same address and parent’s/legal guardian’s name
If the Principal is not satisfied that the documentation provided by an applicant adequately demonstrates that the address stated is the student’s principal place of residence, then the Principal may request further sources of proof of residency. Examples may include (but are not limited to): 
  • Additional utility bills (e.g. water bill) or a series of bills at for the same address over a sequential period to demonstrate continued/ongoing residency 
  • Electoral Roll verification letter
  • Mobile phone statement (with current address details)
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Driver’s Licence (with current address details)
  • Bank statement (showing current address details; financial details are not required)
  • Tax Assessment Notice (financial details are not required)
  • Documents demonstrating recent change of address / re-location to within the school’s catchment area (e.g. proof of sale or termination of lease for the previous principal place of residence in a different catchment). 
In addition to the documents listed above, students living with a relative/other person within catchment must provide the following:
  • Properly sworn Statutory Declaration from the student’s parent/legal guardian; and 
  • Properly sworn Statutory Declaration from the person/s the student will be residing with in-catchment.  
The Principal may also request additional pieces of proof of residency and interview/s with all parties to discuss the living arrangement.  
How can I view school catchment areas?
You can find catchment maps for all Queensland state schools on the department's EdMap website. You can also use this website to search for residential addresses so you can identify in which catchment it is located. 

Download the Department's student-enrolment-form.pdf
Download the Department's state-school-consent-form.pdf

Download the school's internet-agreement-form.pdf
Download the school's 2020-booklist.pdf

Download the school's CSS enrolment-agreement.pdf

Download the school's 2018 Responsible Behaviour Plan .pdf

Prep Enrolments

To determine when your child can commence their prep year, use the Prep Online Calculator.

Download the school's prep-parent-handbook-v1.pdf

Last reviewed 28 June 2020
Last updated 28 June 2020