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Students with a disability

Students with a disability
Calliope State School has adopted an inclusive model meeting the needs of students with a disability.  The Special Education Program (SEP) is founded by provision of quality support by Special Education teachers. A holistic approach adopted by the SEP unit filters from student support within the classroom, small group support and program to individual programs, support and intervention.
 Each students’ learning environment is flexible to support, encourage and enable students to achieve every day and maximize their independence. 
The Special Education Program supports each student to access the curriculum at a standard appropriate to their needs and goals.  The Head of Special Education Services manages the SEP.  Special Education Teachers provide teaching, in-class support and case management for students with disabilities.  Special Education Teacher Aides provide support for these students both in and out of the classroom. 
Various programs are provided by the SEP, or through engagement with external providers, which include:
- Functional Literacy
- Numeracy Groups
- Targeted Intervention Program
- Speech Programs
- Occupational Therapy services, fine and gross motor program
- Social Skills
- Life Skills Groups.
All stakeholders (parents, teachers, SEP team and specialists) meet regularly and are available for meetings with families as required.  Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Individual Curriculum Plans are provided to support successful inclusive classroom teaching and student achievement.
At-risk students are identified and continually monitored to ensure early intervention and on-going support is provided.
For more information contact Kayleen Bishop, Head of Special Education Services (HOSES),