New High School in Calliope

Dear Parents/Caregivers,
I am looking forward to the opportunity of being the foundation Principal of the new High School in Calliope. A school that the community and government have worked hard to get off the ground.
Thanks to Principal Mark Wright for hosting me this term here at the primary school. A great opportunity to meet students and see the community in action. The classrooms have been really engaging. Out at play times I have enjoyed interacting with students and soaking up the great Calliope SS atmosphere.
A little about myself. This is my fourth school as Principal (I am getting old but still calmly relentless about education). My last school was Barcaldine State School P-12, seven hours west from here. I haven’t always been in education. Before entering education I drove trucks, did some concreting and have worked security in clubs and pubs. My knowledge of the Gladstone region has only been snippets from my son doing a football carnival here and visiting for work as well. That was enough to decide this would be the place to live. Calliope has a real community feel to it. I have a daughter living here with me and she is attending Gladstone State High School as she is in year 9. Another excellent school in Gladstone under the leadership of Garry Goltz and Georgia is already enjoying her time there.
My approach as Principal:
·         Principal presence around the school in terms of visibility and accessibility
·         Focus on teaching and learning as our core business driven by evidence-based practice
·         Effective school communication internally and with the broader parent and citizen community
·         Stepping out all actions and issues methodically in a calm and reasonable way
·         Having signature programs that engage students, relevant to the community and allow students to embrace the future
My school rules and student management operate from three mantras:
·         Calm and reasonable
·         Attitude + Effort = Success
·         Fun Safe Play
So, what are the next steps?
1.    Getting a P & C together for the new school and working hard to get the important ‘nuts and bolts’ components of the school designed and constructed. Things like the official school name, vision, logo, and motto. Design a uniform and have a uniform policy. Input around the school that will meet the needs of our Calliope Community. 
2.    Parent sessions about what schooling will be in a daily sense with me as Principal of your school.
3.    Design the enrolment process and get out dates for enrolment interviews.
4.    Continue to get information out about the progress of the construction of the school.
5.    Look at the aspects of differentiation and programs that make will the High School unique and a place we can all be proud of and support.
6.    Recruitment for the Deputy Principal, Business Manager and Head of Department positions.
7.    Keep on top of construction so we have somewhere to be in 2020!
Our Parent session dates are as follows:
·         Tuesday 30 July, 6:00pm in the Administration building! Principal Presentation Parent Session/ P&C creation/School name decided
ü  A start on Vision, Logo, Motto, Values as ‘We Value’, School Rules
ü  A start on design of uniform
ü  A start on signature programs that make CSHS unique and caters to community
ü  Communications platforms for Term 3. Communication platforms for Term 4.
ü  Parent and community further input
·         Wednesday 14August, 6:00pm! In the Administration building. Principal Presentation
ü  Lock in Vision, Logo, Values that ‘We Value’, School Rules
ü  School uniform decision
ü  Signature program rollout over four years decided
ü  Parent and community further input
ü  Next steps
I am looking forward to meeting as many people as I can over the next six months before the school officially opens in 2020. If you would like to meet me, have a meeting or chat please contact me on the following:
Calliope State Primary phone number: 4975 8333
Kind regards,
Pete Stansfield
Principal of the new Calliope High School
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Last reviewed 13 March 2020
Last updated 13 March 2020